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2 years ago

Ass 4 All - Anal and Ass Fucking Videos

The story of " Lover" Tribute "post Equinegro by one of the best stories are always posted on the Web. I have been inspired to write and publish the following story. Equinegro Thanks for posting ! I hope this story is in the same unique style Equinegro erotic history. I met a friend. I was there and ass4all saw the stem carefully. at first I ass4all was taken to him, he was a stocky man with thinning hair, from some instead of the Middle East. Nora was his persistent pursuit of a little weird and a little flattery. A few days he told me he stood up to our phone number of our host of the night and had called. He was direct in their approach. 'I asked Nora to meet him at home. no excuses, no hypocrisy. he wanted to fuck. Finally, he met him for coffee one afternoon. at its second meeting, which has caught, and she spoke of him in bed at night. was a very good lover. There was a huge cock and made him come. she took a turn for his rudeness. inthe second session, I asked how she is always by my side. Nora let the cat out of the bag and told him I was a cuckold. He immediately became just took away the extreme right and took urgent request, and informed me that this is cursed. The idea of ​​cuckolding him off me. In the third meeting openly about the possibility of taking Nora, while I watched. "I've read that some horned like" to run from there, it was of his imagination in the service of man, has his cock sucked by the horns and then helped the woman to hell. Like all the other moments of Nora Sabour fucking hot fucking we had in our bed. This time it was even hotter. We decided to go for it. Our first time with direct involvement from ass4all me. How was it? to kneel between his legs raw and arrogant man s sucking cock, cock, fucked, and soon had to take my wife? Now let me tell you. was a strange lukewarm faithEling inside. At a level of level of thinking, the vote to say normal, more like shouting was " stupid bastard, you crawl small Cocksucker, before this idiot, who not only condemn your wife, it does suck. "At another level it was this intense ass4all heat, the very idea of ​​ I was doing this shocking fact, licks the cock had fucked my wife and soon to be convicted again, he fired me, that the original voice was "suck it, that it is difficult for them to feel its thickness and stiffness, which is so powerful, a real big cock for my wife who so hard and so eager to get his best to increase your pleasure, ass4all go to". So I ass4all kneeled down and let my tongue around the travels of the contours of his penis to do what I do for me. It was ass4all very difficult at ass4all first. As I licked his cock Nora touched his chest and kissed him. I could hear the sounds through his kiss wet moaning. I was absorbed in my work, I looked up to see what you dog. I felt ass4all the effect of his kiss their meeting in hardness. His cock swelled and quivered in my hands. I eagerly licked his cock, now stuffed and firm as an apple. I licked up and down his shaft thicker and darker. I felt a gentle nudge in my head, hand and Nora opened his mouth to swallow the head. Sabour moaned and pushed me longer. I took it. He was completely rigid, and I ass4all knew I was at the height of his enthusiasm. Shortly whether they want to come in my mouth or my wife to fuck. I pulled it. " I think that Sabour is ready to fuck," he announced it to them. They broke their embrace and looked at me sleepily. Nora smiled and looked almost drunk. "Hmmm, yes, I think it's a great idea... " his voice trailed off and she took his hand strength. Your wedding ring shone around his cock, I was so ready for it. I felt a warmth in my balls. I loved him, fuck, felt the desire, as a balance of hot waterloon in my gut. His reaction was hard, but has my heat. " Nice Blow Johnny, better than many women child" as his to
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